The Last Minute…

Slice of Life 2016

Oh my precious last minute…

I truly do love ‘the last minute.’ I get so much done in that continous single moment of each day. I am not a procrastinator, not really.  I just live a full life – full up to the minute. My life, like my classroom, it looks, and sometimes is rather messy – but only because it is full of so much good stuff.

Today is a great example – family stuff, meetings, teaching, supervision, clubs, teaching, family stuff, meeting, meeting, bit of supper, bedtime and now to write. But it all got done.

For a while, a few months ago my mantra in my head  was, “Gosh Kiki, you are barely keeping up. Get organized. Plan better. You are barely keeping up.”

But then one gracious day I realized with all I am doing and all I try to do, I am keeping up. And with so much goodness pouring out all over the place so much of the time, that’s good with me.



Second Go!

Here I am again! Swinging to the next bar…but this time with an audience! My class of 23  grade 2’s (one away sick 😦 ) are watching this happen!! They were the inspiration, so they will be part of the story!

Whew! Not so hard so far!